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    digitise your delivery service

    Digitally transmit route plan,
    delivery quantities and delivery bills

    all data at a glance
    and always with you

  • :Delivery
    our customers report:

    25% faster processing in the office
    through the use of nexti:Delivery

    The error rate in the recording
    of delivery quantities decrease significantly

  • :Delivery
    Deliver more efficiently

    Comprehensive information on delivery status –
    any place, any time

    Thanks to the :Delivery App you
    make the most of your day

  • :Delivery
    The solution for delivery drivers

    Route planning for the delivery trip &
    easiest handling

    High integration with enterprise
    resource planning

The app for your delivery journey!

Our Delivery Driver App is simple and intuitive. Take goods, start the Driver App and deliver incl. proof by digital signature.

Simple to operate – easy to learn

The intuitive interface enables quick familiarisation with the application and the delivery process. No lists, no slips of paper – clean delivery scheduling and on-time delivery.

Optimised route planning – reduce your delivery times

Detailed planning can be carried out via your merchandise management system or the nexti planning board. Your delivery drivers receive the tours planned for you by the office staff, with all relevant information displayed.

Easy navigation

By linking directly to the navigation app, the driver only needs two clicks to start navigation.

End-to-end and digital

From order entry to your customers' doorsteps, our apps support you. More than 25% time savings through digital, paperless document workflow. Automatic transmission of changes and additions to the order data and the signed delivery bill.

Offline capability

If there is no connection to the internet – it does not matter. Whether online or offline, all information is available to the delivery driver at all times and synchronised when an internet connection is available again.

Ecological and sustainable

An environmental benefit through reduced paper requirements and optimised planning.

Functions in detail

Our nexti:Delivery App supports you with a tour planning and goods delivery.

iMac nexti deployment planning

Simple tour planning

The delivery points are clearly displayed on the map. From this, you create the optimised tours for your drivers with just a few clicks.

Driving route

Where do I have to go today? Which route is the fastest? These questions are a thing of the past.
The delivery driver sees his route clearly on the iPad. If desired, he can even start the navigation from the app.

Delivery App Goods Delivery

Goods Delivery

The app assists with on-site delivery. Quantities are checked off, over- and under-deliveries are recorded. Depending on the item, serial or batch numbers are assigned. The digital delivery process helps to avoid errors.

Delivery bill with signature

With the integrated signature field, inquiries about deliveries are a thing of the past. The recipient signs the digital delivery bill and receives it by e-mail (PDF) or as a paper printout if desired.

Delivery App Delivery Note

Monitoring delivery status

The delivery status is immediately displayed on the card for the dispatcher. In this way, you maintain complete control over the current tours and save unnecessary inquiries in case of delayed deliveries.

Available at any time

Of course, the driver app works always and everywhere. The driver does not notice whether he is working online or offline.

App Video

Follow the nexti channel on YouTube and learn more about the new features of nexti:Apps!

Seamlessly integrated into ERP system

The standard integration of nexti gmbh brings a ready connection to many ERP systems.
Within one day your system is installed and the data is available on the iPad! We guarantee that!

Interfaces to merchandise management

Customer references

nexti App has mapped our functional requirements very well. After a few months of use, no one wants to do without the app.

Many things become very simple and intuitive to use. We would make our decision the same way again and again!
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By using the nexti App, the workload for field and office staff has been minimised enormously. The program provides all relevant customer data at a glance and thus simplifies the sales conversation, strengthens customer loyalty and facilitates order entry! Swiss Eye International GmbH

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